The World Turns To Ice

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Words locked inside

I have been reading one of my favourite blogs: 'Moonlight and Hares' and I can empathise with the writer's latest post.  Sometimes words and ideas are locked inside and it feels as if inspiration is hidden deep down in our caverns of consciousness.  I do have plenty of work at the moment including a commission for dolls, fine art pieces for a September exhibition and fun items for a run of Christmas craft fairs that I am booking.  I am enjoying everything that I am doing but I am missing that spark, that motivating fire that you experience when the muse is with you.  I need that energy to really get into the creative zone where ideas fly and you feel that you are being fed by the inspirational force that is passing through. I am content though, happily getting on with the work that I have.  It would be too exhausting to be burning with inspiration all the time. I need time to develop the ideas that come, to design and make. A time to breathe and prepare for the dreams that may come next.

I am content to wait.

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