The World Turns To Ice

Monday, 30 January 2012

A little bit of history

A cold January day with flurries of snow. I have been priming canvas and painting. Everything is slow to dry because of the cold so I have been spending some time researching a little bit to get a feel of the area where my studio is based. I live where rivers run, between the Severn and The Wye, where hills rise and forests cover the land. When I come down from the hillsides as I drive some 18 miles to my studio I see a more pastoral landscape with rolling slopes and green meadows. My studio is at the village of Trumpet on the Trumpet Crossroads. I found this today on Wikipedia:

Trumpet, Herefordshire
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Trumpet Inn
Trumpet or The Trumpet is a village in Herefordshire, England. The village is named after the timber-framed Trumpet Inn.
The inn is located at a major crossroads of the A438 and A417/A4172 from where:
  • the City of Hereford is 18 km (11 mi) to the west on the A438
  • Ledbury is 7 km (4.3 mi) to the east on the A438
  • Leominster is 28 km (17 mi) to the northwest initially on the A417
  • Gloucester is 32 km (20 mi) to the southeast initially on the A4172
The half-timbered inn is said to be some 800 years old and so named from the obligation of coaches that passed by to blow their coach horns.
The crossing must have been an important intersection of the Gloucester to Leominster and Tewkesbury to Hereford roads.
Local agriculture includes the growing of hops and cider apples.

  This Inn stands across the road from the studio. Reading this has summoned up images in my imagination of coaches and horses and a slower pace of travel than the cars and lorries that rush passed my window. Knowing a little more about the history of a place can change the way you view it and give a broader understanding of its place in the landscape.

Monday, 9 January 2012

One Little Word

As we enter 2012 I am going to keep one little word and carry it in my mind and try to keep it ever present throughout the year.  That word is 'ACTION'.  As I sit and day dream and make plans there is always something that holds me back from bringing those dreams to fruition. One day I'll do that I think, one day when I am more skilled, have more resources or opportunities, one day when the time is right.

In the summers of 2010 and 2011 I did an online course with an American artist, Kelly-Rae Roberts (it was so good that repeated it last summer) called 'Flying Lessons'.  Kelly-Rae describes herself as a 'possibilitarian' and she instills in her students a belief that anything is possible if you put your dreams into action.

So, this year I will be putting things into action, I won't wait.  I may never be quite good enough and the time might never be right but if I try then who knows what might happen.  

This blogpost is part of a group bloghop which is being carried out by myself and my fellow 'Flyers'. I do hope that you will be able to link into their posts too and see which little words are inspiring them this year:

Monday, 2 January 2012

Now that's a pie!

On this date in 1770 a Christmas pie was made in London town. The ingredients included:

4 bushels of flour
20 pounds of butter
4 geese
2 turkeys
2 rabbits
4 wild ducks
2 woodcock
6 snipe
4 partridges
2 neats' tongues
2 curlews
7 blackbirds
6 pigeons

It was apparently 9 feet in circumference at the bottom and weighed about 12 stone (168 pounds).  It took two men to bring it to the table and it was manouvered at the table by four wheels which were attached to a case underneath it.  If the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds was around at the time I doubt whether a representative would have been invited.