The World Turns To Ice

Sunday, 29 April 2012

It rained and it rained and it rained........

A day for pottering and keeping warm and dry whilst the wind howls and the rain just keeps on coming. It is as if a river is flowing down the lane from the woods, sweeping and splashing past my door.  Hamish and Ozzy are curled up in their cat baskets and showing no interest in venturing outside at all. Only Jasper the Wonder Dog is being intrepid enough to wander around the garden and is oblivious to the rain and oozing wet ground.  He is happy to be warmed by the hair dryer though when he comes back inside. A little sleep is now needed to recover from his ordeal.

                                                     Even Wonder Dogs need their rest.

Now I did say that I would post a picture of  the results from the workshop that I went to on Friday and, as you have been very, very good here is a photograph of Seraphina the Owl. She, and she is a fine female, is now finished and has been turned into a beautiful brooch. I give all credit to the lovely Kathleen who has been so generous with her ideas. If you trot along to the Murgatroyd Hoots blog you can catch the next workshop that comes along.


Bustle and Sew

I have to share this with my fellow stitchers.  If you love hand embroidery and you haven't yet discovered this, then take a look at  It has a lovely vintagey ( I know that is not a proper word Blogger but it fits the feel of this wonderful website. You don't have to tell me!). I am busy downloading transfers as I type.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Murgatroyd & Bean

The Lady has been on an adventure with the Owl and the Hare and has made, or almost made, a lovely itty bitty brooch.  It is just waiting for stitches and jewels and a little pin at the back and then it will all be done.  I might show you when its finished, if you're good.  If you can't wait, take a look at the website:

Thank you to Kathleen for sharing her secrets and to Cafe Salvation ( for the space and the goodies. What a perfect way to spend a morning.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

A Strange Practice

This day, in ancient Rome, was the Feast Day of Cerialia, the feast of Ceres who was much loved by the people.  White robes were worn by all and hospitality was exchanged. Offerings of spelt, salt and incense were made.

Now, I want you to close your eyes and imagine this as it is the strangest of the strange, a habit that is almost beyond imagining, they let loose foxes with burning torches tied to their tails. How very bizarre.  I am constantly amazed at the cruelty that mankind inflicts upon poor creatures.  This practice would seem to belong more to the land of storybooks where perhaps a bold race of foxes would emerge from forests with fire issuing from their tails and a dramatic battle of good against evil would ensue. Well, there's one for my notebook.

The Feast Day of St Expiditus

The authenticity of this saint is debatable but a saint that expedites matters that you have been procrastinating about might be worth a prayer or two.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Feeling Weary

If the days were getting shorter and the dark nights were getting colder then The Lady would retreat into the Greenwood and build a little house of sticks, a bed of feathers and moss and hang a curtain of gossamer and dewdrops at the door.  She would lay herself down under a blanket of fleece and leaves and go to sleep for the season. But Spring is rising and the days are lengthening and amidst the April showers the earth is warming. No time for resting, birds are nesting and grass is growing, trees are blossoming and its time for creating. A short sleep with a prayer for technicolour dreams and visions in the dark to bring inspiration when the morning comes.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Springtime in The Greenwood

The woods have burst into life. Betty Daws Wood is carpeted with daffodils. snowdrops, primroses, violets and anemones.

Happy Days!