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Monday, 24 October 2011

Trumpet Triumph

Busy, busy, busy working hard in my new little studio at Trumpet Corner. Enjoying meeting all the lovely people and decorating the space with work old and new. I am rediscovering lots of unfinished pieces that I now have time to develop and designing new items for Christmas gifts. At the grand opening on Saturday I was pleased to share the indoor room with Jenny from Stroud with her beautiful mirrored mosaics.  Such an interesting lady. I hope that our paths cross again in the future.

This is also an opportunity for me to discover early mornings, I am usually working until the small wee hours and collapsing into bed in exhaustion having stayed up just that bit too long. Now I can appreciate Homer's references to 'dawn with her rosy fingers' as I watch the sun rise in the east as the light rises up over the hill before I set off to Trumpet along the road through Much Marcle and Pixley.  Bed time is getting earlier and earlier and I am gradually beginning to adjust to living by the clock once again.  There is a part of me that still lingers in that place where time is an irrelevance and reality is just a construct of the mind. A friend's son recently described the two of us as 'living in the land of Fable'. I only appear to step out of it for a while. Fortunately, the ever present imagination kindles the creative flame and keeps my feet firmly planted in the air.

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  1. I love that image - Living in the land of fable. How enchanting! The days grow so short here, but I like the idea of living without the clock - timelessly. x