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Monday, 2 January 2012

Now that's a pie!

On this date in 1770 a Christmas pie was made in London town. The ingredients included:

4 bushels of flour
20 pounds of butter
4 geese
2 turkeys
2 rabbits
4 wild ducks
2 woodcock
6 snipe
4 partridges
2 neats' tongues
2 curlews
7 blackbirds
6 pigeons

It was apparently 9 feet in circumference at the bottom and weighed about 12 stone (168 pounds).  It took two men to bring it to the table and it was manouvered at the table by four wheels which were attached to a case underneath it.  If the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds was around at the time I doubt whether a representative would have been invited.

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