The World Turns To Ice

Sunday, 29 April 2012

It rained and it rained and it rained........

A day for pottering and keeping warm and dry whilst the wind howls and the rain just keeps on coming. It is as if a river is flowing down the lane from the woods, sweeping and splashing past my door.  Hamish and Ozzy are curled up in their cat baskets and showing no interest in venturing outside at all. Only Jasper the Wonder Dog is being intrepid enough to wander around the garden and is oblivious to the rain and oozing wet ground.  He is happy to be warmed by the hair dryer though when he comes back inside. A little sleep is now needed to recover from his ordeal.

                                                     Even Wonder Dogs need their rest.

Now I did say that I would post a picture of  the results from the workshop that I went to on Friday and, as you have been very, very good here is a photograph of Seraphina the Owl. She, and she is a fine female, is now finished and has been turned into a beautiful brooch. I give all credit to the lovely Kathleen who has been so generous with her ideas. If you trot along to the Murgatroyd Hoots blog you can catch the next workshop that comes along.



  1. Two lovely photos that brighten up this grey & rainy day!

  2. Seraphina is a smasher. It was so exciting to see what you'd all come up with from the same starting point. Such neat teeny stitches Lady of the Greenwood!