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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Small Steps

I feel like a small, wee vulnerable thing today.  All of a sudden I felt overwhelmed.  I am having work done on the domestic front next week and it means clearing a couple of areas inside and out.  It didn't seem too much of an ordeal until I realised that Mother Nature had been particularly abundant and I could barely get out of my back door. A grape vine has turned into a triffid and is threatening to engulf the house.  I started to cut it back and filled the compost bin as much as I could.  I have now several bags to go to the tip and still it is rampant, a little better though, I think that I'm winning.

I have now noticed that the plums on the plum tree have ripened over-night and are falling into the waiting jaws of  ravenous ants and if I don't collect them up pretty sharpish they will all be ruined.  I have filled up a box and the clock is ticking to do something with them before they rot. Whilst rescuing them I saw that the blackcurrants are ripe and ready to pick on the bush and so are the gooseberries.  The courgettes are metamorphing into marrows and are escaping from the raised bed and the radish leaves are as big as cabbages.....HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

I must calm myself, create a list of priorities and follow it one small step at a time.  My new, shiny gas boiler isn't coming until Monday.  There's enough time yet to get organised so that they can get at all the areas where they will have to work. Then, hopefully, I can hide away in the studio and let them get on with it.

Now, where's that recipe for jam......

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