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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Wednesday 28th July 2010

I am thinking today about what to do next on some mixed media jewellery pieces that I have been working on (see image 'work in progress'). These began life as a piece of curtain interlining which then had lace, string, threads etc glued to it. When dry the whole surface was painted with gesso, which was again left to dry. Next came the fun part. I cut several pieces off in brooch sized shapes and painted them in several layers with acrylic inks. When I was happy with the colours I sprinkled them with all sorts of twinklies to get the effect that I was after (these are for the Christmas market so the twinklier the better). Finally I painted several layers of dilute pva over the top. I haven't finished decorating yet and might try some stitching (my poor sewing machine has to put up with a lot!) and beading. I have decided to put a layer of space-dyed scrim on top of a layer of space-dyed boiled felt at the back and then attach a brooch clip. The green one shown will be mine because I like the colours and I can finish that one first and make all my mistakes on it. Though, of course, I hope that there won't be any. We shall see.......

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