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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Busy week

All work on the domestic front this week.  I have a new condenser boiler fitted which will, hopefully, be a lot greener than the old noisy boiler that was taken out.  To keep out of the way I belatedly Spring (Sprung?) cleaned my sewing room and started painting the walls.  It looks and feels so different.  I shall WANT to work in there now and not just rush through with blinkers on.

I did manage a walk down the Country Trail - see main blog photo.  Signs of Autumn are beginning to appear.  The blackberries are ripening and should be ready for picking this week, rowan berries are red already and hazelnuts and acorns are now clearly visible on the hazel and oak branches.  On Sunday I crept into the field and found some corn that had been battered to the ground in the recent rain so I took a little bit to make a corn dolly to mark the Lammas Festival.  Later in the evening I was watching a programme on TV which showed a log book  from days gone by of a transporter ship taking criminals to Australia.  Do you know that you could be transported for stealing corn?!!  OOOerrr, I could have been despatched off to Oz for making a corn dolly!

Later this week I passed the same field, which was looking particularly golden and beautiful in the sunshine.  The farmer was making the most of the weather and was about to get the harvest in.  Before he began though, he and his two children were sitting under the shade of the combine harvester having a picnic.  It looked such an idyllic scene that I thought that he probably wouldn't have minded me taking my little bit of battered corn.  I hope not anyway.

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