The World Turns To Ice

Friday, 13 August 2010

Midnight and a Million Stars

Last night, we were told, was a night for seeing shooting stars.  I am not sure whether I saw any.  The brilliance of the sky was such that even the passing moths were illumined by the light of the stars.  I only spent a few minutes gazing at the night sky but it was an unforgettable sight.  How we walk around blinkered to the beauty that is all around us.  I read recently somewhere to think of the effect upon us all if the stars came out only once in a thousand years, how we would be astonished by the wonder of it all. It would surely be a life changing event.  I went to bed with my curtains open wide so that I could immerse myself in the glory of it.

Today I shall take note of the passing clouds and tonight I shall be gazing at stars.

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