The World Turns To Ice

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Re-designing, re-inventing

I think its time to resurrect some unfinished pieces and see what I can do with them.

 These are just some of many.  Its good to go back and re-think designs, reinvent them.

It can often produce new ideas which then become designs for new pieces of work.


  1. I love this artwork! Bright colours and so vibrant. I love the mixed medium and how you have combined textures and images. Abstract collage work like this is wonderful. Really looking forward to exploring your blog more. Just had to linger awhile admiring your work here. :)

  2. What lovely feedback Laurana, thank you. I have neglected my blog this year as I have been working at studio away from home. owever, I have now returned to the Greenwood so I shall enjoy posting on my blog again. Glad to have you visit.