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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Altered Book Group 2011

I had told myself that I would never do another Altered Book.  If you don't know what an altered book is the principle is not difficult to understand.  You take an old book and you alter it.  Its as simple as that.  When a group undertakes an altered book project it becomes rather more complicated.  In this case there are 12 of us, 11 ladies in Plymouth ( including two of my daughters) and me.  We each find a book, divide it into 12 sections, decide upon a theme, work on it for a month - or at the last minute if you are like me- then pass it on to the next person on the list (there is a rota).  You then decorate your section in the next person's book in accordance with their theme and on it goes.  In a year's time we shall all get our own books back and get to see how everyone has interpreted our theme.  They could even be exhibited as has happened with the previous two Altered Book Projects that I have taken part in.
    My theme this time is magical landscapes and here are some photo's of my book before I passed it on:

On the left is a lino print which has been coloured with coloured pencils.  On the right a small beaded mixed-media fragnent which I was going to make into a brooch originally.

This is a drawing in watercolour pencil which has been brushed with a little water to blend certain areas.  It has some embellishment on the top to give the illusion of spray.

These are the only two pages where I have worked directly onto the pages rather than sticking work already done onto the page.  This was entirely due to time constraints.  Ideally I would have worked all the pages like these.

 The image on the left consists of a fragmented photograph of poppies.  The page was printed first of all to form a background and then sequins and textile embellishments were added, finished off with some rubber stamping.  The image on the right is shown enlarged below.

This seascape has been worked in the same way as the previous one.

I have just received my daughter Rosie's 'Strange Lands' book and I am amazed at the work that she has done in there.  I shall have to ask her if she would mind if I displayed it here.  Well, am I glad that I am taking part in another Altered Book project?  Yes of course.....and no, I don't like the feeling of pressure, the responsibility to make someone else's book beautiful and not mess it up and the deadlines but I know that when its all over I shall be glad that I have taken part.

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