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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Poetry Vessel

This should perhaps be called the 'Poettry' vessel as I attempting a conflation of all three disciplines that I am working on at the moment ie. a creative writing course; pottery lessons and textiles.  I have been inspired by making (or more accurately, attempting to make) thrown pots at the local Wobage Pottery, to make a series of 3 dimensional textile vessels that resemble pots in form.  There will be a theme for each 'pot' based upon a poem that I shall write and incorporate in the art work.

The photograph above shows the work, so far, which could be compared to a ceramic pot before it is glazed and fired.  The poem that I am writing is called 'Vessel for the Whispering Wind' and I haven't decided yet whether to stitch the words onto the 'pot' or have a series of textile tags hanging from it which will display the lines.  Having chosen the wind as my theme is creating a problem in deciding upon a colour scheme but I think that I shall use predominantly greys with some accents of colour and metallic embellishment.

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