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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Carnival Day

Today in Ross-on-Wye is Carnival Day. Ours is not a grand affair in comparison with many around the world but it is an event where the town comes out and gathers together. However, this year you could hardly say that there were throngs of people on the streets. Our big day in Summer does not seem to be quite such an event as it used to be.  Maybe it is because of the weather today, quite dull with showers, or perhaps because there are not as many floats as there have been in years gone by.  It is all the more credit to those who do make the effort to take part in the display and to those who come out to support it.
The last I saw of the floats they were heading down towards the river with the crowd following along behind. There will be a fun fair ,stalls, demonstrations and a duck race on the river bank but I hurried home as the rain had started to come down and I was carrying a brand new sketch book which I was trying to protect.

As I arrived home wet and dishevelled the sun came out! Hey ho, at least those river revellers will have fun as they wave their balloons and eat their ice creams.

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  1. Thank you for your blog comment. Looks like the Carnival day was fun! Lizzie